Around Island Cruise

A complete circumnavigation of Lord Howe Island.

Come and join us on our ''MV Lulawai'', built on the island for the late Roy Wilson in 1969. This beautiful vessel was purposely designed for the Island's waters and with a complete rebuild in 2010 she is the perfect vessel to showcase our beautiful island.

Our 2hr cruise enables passengers to relax and enjoy the breath-taking views all around Lord Howe Island including the spectacular image of Balls Pyramid creeping up in the distance and sheer mountain cliffs. During part of the 2 hr cruise you will approach the 'Admiralty Islands' which are home to a large percentage of the Island's bird population.

Being one of the lagest vessels on the Island, Lulawai carries a second crewmember as a commentator, has the advantage of inside and outside seating options, and has the added comfort of a private indoor toilet! 

Duration 2 Hours Adults $75pp Children 1/2 price

Balls Pryamid Cruise: 3.5 hours $110pp (Carina Charters 65632443)